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Is your engineering staff understaffed? Are you a small company with no in house engineering team, or maybe an individual with a great idea but unable to complete the product design? Then Oceanwave Consulting, Inc. is the company to contact. While we are mainly experts at writing embedded firmware, we have connections with virtually every form of engineer that your project may require, and can call them in to help complete your design. We are a small, privately held corporation in New England consisting of a collection of expert engineers.

For a simple little project, the cost of the required tools alone might be too much for a small company to handle. Unlike other consulting companies that purchase software licenses and test equipment on behalf of their client, we maintain all of our own test equipment and software maintenance contracts to ease the financial burden of designing new products for our clients (this does not apply to project specific NRE's or royalties).


Core emphasis

Through the years, we have done many projects from exercise equipment, to high end audio products, to medical devices, to laboratory and industrial chemical analysis meters, and even to small person pet projects of entrepreneurs with great ideas and not enough time.

However, we seem to keep coming back to the world of audio and chemical analysis equipment

wireless technologies

Embedded wireless communications has become a hot topic over the last several years. Oceanwave Consulting has written both custom wireless protocols and well as used the standards (like ZigBee) that are already in place.

processor technologies

We mainly do embedded consumer products, thus most of our projects currently revolve around processors like the TI MSP430 for low to mid weight products that may need low power management to work horses like the ARM Cortex-M3 family.

We also have experience in many other processors like the Intel 8051, the Microchip PIC, Seimens C166, Atmel AVR (ATmega ATxmega), and others.

Compilers and Tools

Through the years we have used virtually every major commercial compiler

Revision control is very important, and is used at every step during development

other useful tools we use can be found at our resources page

http://www.campwoodsw.com/sourcemonitor.html http://www.polystyle.com/ http://www.araxis.com/ http://www.tech-tools.com/ http://stefanstools.sourceforge.net/grepWin.html

Operating systems

Many projects don't require an operating system (aka RTOS). When they do, Oceanwave has experience in that too. While we have our favorites (CMX and Segger), we can work with any OS you may already have in place.

Our Clients

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